SMG Quick Quiz

Rules and Guidelines

  • To participate in our SMG Quick Quiz, firstly you must 'Like' our Facebook Page (this will be checked)
  • All answers can be found somewhere in our group of websites (Scorpio Marketing Group, No Limits Traffic Pro, Premium Traffic Pro, Deep Water Solos)
  • All 10 questions in each monthly quiz must be answered correctly to receive the nominated prize for that month.  If you answer any question/s incorrectly you will be given the opportunity to either retry and give a different answer, or quit the quiz
  • Please only complete the quiz ONCE each month - if you answer all 10 questions correctly and receive the nominated prize for that month, please DO NOT ENTER AGAIN until a new quiz is posted the following month.   Usernames of those receiving prizes are recorded, any User found to be abusing this rule will have their prizes reversed
  • Participation in each monthly quiz can be done on any day of the month, it doesn't matter which day you attempt (or re-attempt, if you fail at any time) the quiz  ie if you attempted the quiz for the first time on say the 5th of the month but failed, you could re-attempt the quiz immediately, or a day or so later, or even on say the 28th of the month.  Provided you only accept a winning prize ONCE A MONTH, then the days you attempted or passed the quiz are not relevant to the competition
  • Monthly prize winners will be announced on both our Facebook Page and also on the Prize Winners page of the Scorpio Marketing Group site
  • There will be a quiz each month, with the new monthly quiz posted on or about the 2nd of the month, this is to allow for different time zones throughout the world.  Each new quiz will be clearly labelled which month it relates to


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